Mission Statement: The Pewaukee Scholarship Fund is dedicated to generating, managing, and awarding scholarship funds to deserving graduating seniors of Pewaukee High School. 

Goals: Generate enough money to fund meaningful awards to as many graduates as possible. Manage existing portfolio in a manner that maximizes earnings without putting principal at risk. Distribute funds to deserving graduates via a collective evaluation by the Board of Directors of submitted applications. 

Board of Directors: 

President, Jim Martinson

Vice President, Ann Wright

Co-Secretary, Julia Shay

Co-Secretary, Wayne Vaughn

Secretary to Annual Appeal, Julie Martinson

Treasurer, Ron Vermillion


Duong Duong, Data Base Coordinator

Tom Opie, Data Base Coordinator

Jaclyn Jecha, Social Media Coordinator

Dan Jecha, Web Master

JJ Heesch, Technology

Kati Crary, Donor Liason

Jon Debbink, Fund Raising, Taxes

Wayne Vaughn, Scholarship Spreadsheet

Bonnie Gluth, American Legion Liason

Beth Young Eagle

MaryAnn Abrahamson

Karen Krumenacher

Barb Danner

Kristina Blomquist

Tammy Knitter

Kevin Knitter